Things I will miss in Italy

It is time to leave Bagni di Lucca and Casa Debbio to return home to Australia. I am going to miss the rest of the gorgeous autumn…

We have cherry blossoms

The old cherry tree that has been at Casa Debbio years before we came has burst into flower…there will be cherries.

The rain came

We could see the rain coming across the mountains towards Vergemoli and Casa Debbio…

Casa Debbio autumn 2016

Our garden at Casa Debbio has changed a lot since I left at the end of spring. The summer was hot and there was no rain at all until last week. Filippo has done an amazing job keeping everything alive.

2015 at Casa Debbio

Casa Debbio has had a busy year. We have seen snow, rain, the hottest summer for more than 100 years, storms and rainbows. The garden is progressing well and I can’t wait to get back in the new year to start again.