2015 at Casa Debbio

It has been a busy year at Casa Debbio. There was snow in late December 2014 and January 2015.
snow at Casa Debbio
I arrived in February, keen to start work on the new garden on the terrace below the house, but I had to wait a while for plants to arrive in the nursery. Meanwhile daffodils began to appear.
Casa Debbio daffodils
As soon as I could I began buying new plants.
new plants for Casa Debbio
In April things started to move in the garden. My weeping cherry put on a great spring show.Weeping cherry at Casa Debbio
Tiny figs began to appear. We have a couple of old fig trees that have been on the property for years and we have planted several new ones.
Casa Debbio figs
The magnolia produced flowers. I am hoping this tree will provide shade at the front of the house in a year or two.
Casa Debbio magnolia
The aquilegias grew lots of flowers and they stayed for months.
aquilegias at Casa Debbio
The bleeding hearts look amazing.
bleeding hearts at Casa Debbio
The terrace below the house began to take shape.
Garden at Casa Debbio
I grew a big fat, pink peony.
my big fat pink peony
There was at least one spectacular moon.
Casa Debbio moon
…and a rainbow or two.
Casa Debbio rainbow
Our lavender went crazy this year.
Casa Debbio
Casa Debbio lavender
We had wild daisies everywhere for a while.
wild daisies at Casa Debbio
It was a very dry spring and the plants needed lots of watering, but the terrace below the house gradually started to fill up. It is going to look stunning by the end of spring 2016.
Casa Debbio in spring
We we will eventually have beautiful fruit trees behind the house. We have planted about 40 trees, apples, figs, cherries, peaches, quince, pomegranate, persimmons and pears.
Casa Debbio
Another of my peony plants produced blooms…22 just like this.
Casa Debbio peony
I had to drag myself away in June to return to Australia while Casa Debbio welcomed guests from Australia, Belgium, Germany and England over the summer.
I returned in September to find the garden to find all the figs had been eaten, (I hope not all by birds) but lots of tomatoes and raspberries left.
Casa Debbio tomatoes
I had my very own pomegranates.
Casa Debbio pomegranates
Hydrangeas were still in bloom.
Casa Debbio hydrangeas
The geraniums around the barbecue did very well…thank you to Filippo who was at the house every other day at 6.00am to water. It was a long, dry, hot summer. He managed to keep just about everything alive. The only plants I lost were the ones I planted too late in the spring. It was just too hot for them.
Geraniums at Casa Debbio
Casa Debbio
Casa Debbio
I gathered huge bunches of lavender from the garden. We have almost 200 hundred plants now. Every room in the house has vases full of lavender. Then I pruned them so they will keep their shape next year.
We finally got some much needed rain and the garden loved it…so did I. It saved me hours of watering.
rain at Casa Debbio
There was time for several lunches in the terrace.
lunch at Casa Debbio
…and time to just admire the view.
Casa Debbio
Casa Debbio
Filippo and Ricardo built a pergola beside the house, which I hope will be covered with wisteria next spring. They laid some beautiful hand made terra cotta tiles around the house and next year will build another pergola in front of the house to provide shade. I will be back in February to get this underway.
As I left Casa Debbio for the last time this year in late October the yellow leaves were falling from the trees on the way out of Vergemoli…it was difficult to leave.
Autumn in Vergemoli
My friends in the village have told me that the weather there right now is warm and sunny, but winter is expected to finally arrive in the next week or two.
There will be more planting, weeding, watering, building, lunching and enjoying when I return in 2016…can’t wait.
We now have an official website casadebbio.com. I have a bit of work to do on it, but there is lots of information for anyone wanting to rent a gorgeous house in a magnificent mountain setting.
Please share with anyone who might be interested.