Goodbye Italy

It is time to leave lovely Italy and return to my other life. It’s time to say goodbye to Ponte a Serraglio and Casa Debbio for a couple of months.

Pruning the lavender

I have been busy pruning my lavender plants at Casa Debbio. We have nearly 200 plants as well as rosemary, roses, wisteria and other things that need a trim.

Through the mist

I drove through thick fog on my way up to Cass Debbio. As I got higher the mist cleared to reveal our beautiful mountains…

A rainy day at Casa Debbio

I love misty days at Casa Debbio. I can’t work in the garden, but it is great to watch the village below disappear and reappear from the mist.

Casa Debbio autumn 2016

Our garden at Casa Debbio has changed a lot since I left at the end of spring. The summer was hot and there was no rain at all until last week. Filippo has done an amazing job keeping everything alive.

What a difference a year makes

Our garden at Casa Debbio has come along in leaps and bounds this year because of the rain…see the difference from last year.

Casa Debbio spring 2016

The cool, wet spring seems to suit the garden at Casa Debbio. It is thriving. We have lavender, roses, peonies and much more…

Progress at Casa Debbio

Our garden at Casa Debbio grew like mad while we were in Sicily. It is really starting to take shape. Filippo and Vittorio built our new pergola. Now we need the wisteria to take off and cover it.


After days of rain and wind we got some lovely snow. Even in Ponte a Serraglio the snow fell lightly. We went to Casa Debbio not really knowing what to expect…

2015 at Casa Debbio

Casa Debbio has had a busy year. We have seen snow, rain, the hottest summer for more than 100 years, storms and rainbows. The garden is progressing well and I can’t wait to get back in the new year to start again.