Snow at Casa Debbio

I have been up to Vergemoli to check the progress on Casa Debbio and to see how it fared in the earthquake. All is well and I appear to have the heating working (with help from Rod) and will stay in the house for a while. I have been back to Ponte a Serraglio for supplies and am now heading back up the mountain.
  The road from the village to the house looks lovely with the remnants of the recent snow fall.




We have a new fence in front of the house. Soon I will plant wisteria and climbing roses on it.


I still have a bit of work to do inside, so I will show you the lovely winter view from the terrace.



Can’t you see this fence covered in wisteria and roses? I can’t wait for spring to get the garden growing.
This is the view from the village of our nearest snow covered mountian.