A pile of rocks turns into Casa Debbio

When we bought our property outside the gorgeous village of Vergemoli it wasn’t much more than a pile of rocks. The old farmhouse was beyond repair. The roof and fallen in and there was a huge crack in one of the supporting walls.

Casa Debbio

With expert advice we decided to pull the original house down. We were determined to save the wonderful volcanic stone doorway.Casa Debbio

The house originally faced into the side of the hill and was on a narrow part of the terrace. We got permission to build the new house a little sideways to a wider part of the terrace and to have a double doorway facing the view.

Casa Debbio

Apart from those changes the house was built in exactly the same configuration as the farmhouse.  We used stone from the site and replaced the stone doorway.

Casa Debbio

Huge chestnut beams were installed to support the roof.

Casa Debbio

Here are our handsome builders.



We are delighted with our lovely stone house.

Work in the garden continues. We have planted 40 fruit trees, including figs, cherries, apples, plums, pears, peaches and pomegranates, 200 lavender plants, 35 peonies, roses, wisteria, geraniums and other gorgeous things.